Sugar Skull or Día de Muertos 

I did something completely out of my comfort zone and nothing like I’ve done before. 
A few years ago I got a wood shaped coffin (~12″ long) in a kit. I bought skeleton stuff to use in it but never did. It sat on a shelf and collected dust as no ideas ever hit me. The other night it was like a lightening bolt, a sugar skull. Now I’ve never drawn one, painted one or researched it to even design one. I’m not into them but something about this box seemed perfect. So I Pinterested (if that’s not a word it should be) and got some ideas. One thing I found was there didn’t seem to be any rules. I drew up a face (which if you know me people and animals are not strong suits of mine). Once I drew that up I did a traditional skull design too and then ideas for the sides of the box. Next out of my comfort area step was using colored pencil on wood. Ok so you may know this isn’t a big deal but for me, it never occurred to me to use them on anything but cards and my adult coloring books (yes, I color, I’m addicted). It came out great!!! I’m stunned. I redesigned the sides and drew them on. Added the finishing dots and white Nuvo dots (Suzy, remind me I need that in black). I aged the box and all that is left is to add flowers to her hair. I have a few (cough, large) boxes of them to go through to pick the perfect ones and then she will be done. But here is a sneak peek. I’d love to hear what you think, good and bad. Did I get dot crazy? Too much hair? Seriously good and bad. Thank you for reading!!

Pre-dot and Nuvo

Post dot and aging

Side view


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