Happy Halloween Birthday – So Suzy Stamps

Hi. Welcome! I am writing for the So Suzy Stamps Blog today. I hope you enjoy.

I created a Halloween / Birthday card for my post today. Most of the paper I used is from Graphic 45’s An Eerie Tale which is one of my favorites. I don’t think there are any of their papers that I don’t like actually. They are perfect for cards, mixed media, everything and they are gorgeous. Back to my card. I used one of post cards from one of the sheets in the pad. I grunged the edges with seedless preserves. I grunged all the paper items with either vintage photo or seedless preserves. Then I started layering from there.


I used a couple of postmark stamps first, Paris and London. On the left hand side of the post card there is an owl so on the right side I stamped some small script. You can really use anything here. I had a texture type stamp in my stash that I used on the edges of the postcard with green. A lot of what you do on the base layer of mixed media or collages gets covered up. But what isn’t covered looks great and adds a lot of depth. Next I added the Halloween labels on each edge. I simply stapled them on, no other adhesive. Along the bottom I alternated the harlequin pumpkin and the polka dot pumpkin in ripe persimmon, leaning each in the opposite direction.


Next I put a row of flowers (roses I think) from the G45 set on the right side against the edge.


I wanted the witch to be a focal point so I put her in the upper middle of the card. It’s a silhouette that I stamped in vintage photo. But as I was coloring in the hat with black stickles I decided to color the rest of her in as well. The broom and body are in vintage photo. Her hair is in the ripe persimmon and I couldn’t resist, I gave her ruby red slippers to wear.


Then it was time to start adding pumpkins. I fussy cut a lot of them so I would have plenty. I laid them out before gluing anything down to see what would look best. I put some of them under the labels and some over. I used dimensionals on a few of them to add depth. I also had half of a moon from my last post so I cut it in half to fit in the corner by the witch.


Once all positions were decided and everything glued down I started outlining and coloring with stickles. I added some to almost everything. In the darker parts of the pumpkin, leaves, harlequin and polka dot pumpkins, and flowers. I actually put some yellow in the owls eyes and vintage photo on the branch the owl is sitting on. Oh and the purple glitter glass I added on the parts of the edge that were open. I let the card sit overnight to dry. The next day I added a tiny bit of purple smooch to the graphics on the tags and pumpkins.


As I said earlier it’s a birthday card so while it is unconventional I still wanted to send birthday wishes. I did try to stamp it directly on the card and it got lost so I stamped it on another piece of paper, grunged it with purple and glued it down.

This was just the front of the card. I had a scrap piece of beige to make the base but you could use any color. I ran over the edge with my purple ink mini blender. I stamped the sentiments on the inside before putting the front on. I find it’s easier to do it that way because it’s flat vs. bumpy. I added black witch kitty on the inside too. Don’t forget to stamp your cards with your name.

My last addition to the card was the Witch Butterfly. I LOVE these butterflies and I use them a lot! They are gorgeous and unique. I highly recommend checking them out at Renea Bouquets.


(By the way, there is a ‘Happy Birthday’ in a similar font like the other sentiment but I did not have it. Adding it to my wish list.)

Then I used super sticky tape to adhere the front to the card base. Gently pressing it down so all of it was down. The card itself is around 4×6 but with the tags hanging off it needed a 5×7 envelope. Like I said, I had lots of pumpkins and An Eerie Tale items so I decided to decorate the envelope to.

image16  image5

The balloons are actually from Steampunk Spells, left over from another project so I added those too. I ran the flowers on the back through my Xyron machine to add adhesive and then stuck it on the back.

The final card!


I would love to hear from you please leave a comment below. Have a great day and Happy Halloween!



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