Happy Birthday – So Suzy Stamps

I don’t know about you but while I have birthday’s written on the calendar they always seem to sneak up on me and I’m unprepared. You would think someone that makes cards would have a stockpile right? Well, yes I do, but I never seem to have the ‘right’ one. Sunday was my grandma’s birthday and I wanted something special. So while this card looks hard, it was very simple and I think she will love it.

image_edited watermarked

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the balloons and streamers on the front of the card. I did not create it, just purchased it from the Silhouette Store. I wanted the cutouts to be something more than just stickles (although I love them and add them to almost everything).

Using some of the fireworks sprays and distress inks, I made a rainbow of colors on my craft mat. Then I spritzed it with water and put my paper down in it. When I picked it up, any areas missing color then I put it back down through the inks. I love the way the colors mingle and give that watercolor effect. When it dried I sprayed Color Bloom Gold Foil over it.


Once it dried again I cut it to fit the front of the card so it would show through the cut outs. Then I backed that with white paper since the back of my watercolor paper was quite messy. I love how the cut area has dimension and shadow without adding anything extra. I stamped my sentiment on the front and inside and bam it was done. Yes, it was truly that easy. I made several extras to give my grandma and my sister on Wednesday when we meet for lunch. So while I will still get caught off guard they will be ready for the next birthday celebration. 🙂


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