Paper and Tulle

I finally broke down and bought a Silhouette Cameo a few weeks ago. I think I’ve got the basics down and decided to take on SVG files. I have a thing for all things dress forms. So imagine my surprise when I found a dress shop set that included the 3D dress form/gift box. I did not take pictures of this one along the way because frankly I wasn’t sure it was even going to work. 

The first try I used Silhouette chipboard which is just a hair thicker than cardstock. You put it together in parts – top of form, bottom of form and stand. The top came out ok, the bottom not so much. I did not even bother with the stand and the whole thing went in the trash. My second attempt again with chipboard and uhm well it joined the first one in the garbage. 

Third times a charm right? I used cardstock vs chipboard. It fit much better and the bottom actually fit into the top!! I went ahead and pushed my luck by gluing the panels on too and while it’s not perfect it is together and standing (approximately 12″ tall) lol I had pre-grunged the panels with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink and the sponge blender tool. We are always our own worst critic right, so I won’t point out the flaws. 

I used Stampin Up black cardstock for the form itself. The panels are out of miscellaneous paper I had in my {ridiculously large} stash. I glued everything together using Scotch Quick Dry adhesive which unfortunately I found left shiny marks on the matte black paper. Lesson learned. When I finished fitting it all together I used Paper Glaze on it. This stiffened it up and made it all semi-gloss so the glue marks didn’t stick out any more. It is thin and dries fairly  quickly so I thought this was the best medium to use. Once it was dry I made sure it still fit together and then embellished. I started with Stampin Up Sticky tape and ran 2 lines of it around the bottom of the top piece. I then cut light pink and a darker pink tulle in thin strips. They are cut in various widths and some were tapered down while others had a square bottom. I did not measure any of them, just cut randomly. I started putting tulle along the sticky tape overlapping each piece. I wanted to add a bustle on the back so I quickly made a few loops, tied it together and hot glued it onto the back. Once I was finished with the tulle, I used Close To My Heart sparkle tape in black to go over the top edge of the tulle. This cleaned it up and added some bling. Who doesn’t love bling? It still needed more. I decided to use Stampin Up rhinestones around the neck and even dropped three stones down on the front. Then I stumbled upon the rose jewel (Close To My Heart) and thought it was the perfect finishing touch. 

I will take pictures throughout the process next time since I’m more comfortable with it now. But this one bounced around a lot and would have caused motion sickness I’m sure lol. 

Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free leave a comment. 😊



Supplies used:

  • Stampin Up – black cardstock, red sticky tape, rhinestones (
  • Close To My Heart – pink embellishments, black sparkle tape
  • Tim Holtz – Distress Ink in Vintage Photo
  • Tulle – pink and light pink
  • Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive 
  • Hot glue
  • Paper Glaze

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