Mirror Mirror on the Wall……

Merry Christmas Eve!! I took vacation this week, much needed time off. While I am always on call this week has truly been relaxing. I’ve been able to work on “those” projects. You know, the stuff that you want to do but not yet. I know I’m not the only one who has those, you know who you are. 😊

This was a thrift store find and I loved it. A nice size ornate mirror, dirty but salvageable and $3.98. I bought it months ago and finally finished it. In my frenzy to get it before someone else found this diamond in the ruff I mistakenly thought it may have been wood. It is actually plastic or some type of similar substance. It was already gold. So I cleaned it, painstakingly taped the mirror off for easier clean up and got started. I painted it cream using regular acrylic craft paint. Barely let it dry (if you have read other posts you know I’m impatient) before sanding it. I did more of a shabby chic sanding just to age it a bit. The gold coming through from underneath was perfect. Then I started laying out flowers I wanted to use. One thing I knew I wanted to include was this cut out of a little red headed girl blowing a dandelion. (I love love love dandelions) Once I decided on the arrangement I started gluing. For items like this I use hot glue. When I’m working in layers like this and need the immediate grab of glue so other layers don’t move in the process. After the flowers are on I hold it up to see if it needs something else. In this case the little beads sticking out seemed perfect. (I don’t know what those things are called but I need more so I better figure it out quickly lol)
I’m not a photographer. I have an eye for pretty stuff but cannot transfer that to film. Give me flowers, paper and glue any day. I tried to take pictures of it in my craft room. But uhm, well every single angle showed the disaster that is my room. lol so I wandered around my little house hoping to avoid any area that would show dust and ‘stuff’. I have a big painting hanging in the foyer behind the door and it fit the bill.








Products Used
– Most of the flowers are Prima – http://www.flyingunicorn.com

– The little girl came from Flying Unicorn, my favorite online craft store. http://www.flyingunicorn.com

– I used Flower Soft for the little dandelion pieces – from http://www.SoSuzyStamps.com

– Chunky glitter glass from Reneabouquets. http://www.reneabouquets.com

– The little lines with pearls on them are from http://www.flyingunicorn.com but I have no idea what they are called.

– Ribbon and button I had on hand

– Adhesives used are Alene’s Clear Tacky glue, Hit glue and Stampin up glue dots (SU from http://www.stampinupamy.stampinup.net)


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