Let the pictures begin…..I hope

Hey there! I like to think I am fairly computer literate but let me say big props to everyone that developed and maintains a blog! lol I managed to get a couple of posts up – before this one, so I’ve got that down pat. My goal is to post pics of stuff I’ve created and hopefully give a little info about them and maybe (if I can figure it out) directions on how I did it. Here goes – wish me luck!

I created My Little Redhead recently and she is one of my favorite items. I wanted to try some new techniques so I took a 6×6 piece of paper and used stencils and light modeling paste to add texture. I then sprayed it to death…..when I say that I mean I kept spraying with various inks until it wasn’t just a glob of a dark, sad shade of nothing. lol I let all of that dry. The redhead picture was actually a little blond girl and I painted her hair (from Flying Unicorn http://www.flyingunicornstore.com/). I am a redhead and am always looking for (or making) redheads in my crafts. The chipboard frame started out as a hideous green that at some point I thought would be pretty…..it wasn’t. So then I busted out the Perfect Pearls and voila a gorgeous little color changing frame. It was perfect! I added some gold netting ribbon kindof buried here and there. Then came the flowers. I absolutely LOVE flowers, real or not. Hello my name is Amy and I am a ridiculous flower addict. I love all shapes, sizes, types, but I do migrate towards pinks, blues, greens, purples, neutrals. It is funny, I see other people use beautiful orange and yellow flowers and then I never seem to be able to include them. I usually lay them out prior to getting my hands on the glue. I have to make a conscious effort to step away from the glue until I am absolutely sure. I have a bad habit of hurry hurry hurry, glue glue glue and then think oh wait, maybe that would look better like this or over here and well it’s way too late. So like I said, conscious effort to keep my hands off of the glue until it is really ready. After my flowers are placed and glued I add the Stickles……yet another addiction I have. I LOVE them! I use Stickles on most every project in some way. They just give it that little something extra. Finally, when everything is dry and set I add the butterflies (and dragonflies in this case). I get most of my butterflies from Renea Bouquets (http://www.reneabouquets.com/). They are original, handmade and absolutely stunning, even more so in person. I have bunches and I love them all. On this pretty page I added a saying ‘Always be your own kind of pretty’ which I think sums it up.

My litte redhead

Pretty Redhead


IMG_1117 IMG_1118



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